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  • career exploration program from ALL-in Eduspace
  • Admissions Mentoring

    Admissions Mentoring

    Personalized 1-on-1 mentoring service that will serve as a holistic academic and non-academic walk-through to help you get into your dream universities.

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  • ALL-in Eduspace

    ALL-in Eduspace

    We are independent university consultant, offers mentoring and learning programs for students to pursue their studies at their dream university around the world.


    Let’s #TakeOnYourFuture with us, because #itsALLINtheprep!

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Explore students’ passion & interest through a personalized mentorship

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Guide students to improve their academic performance & project portfolio through experiential programs

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Place students at their best fit universities to become future leaders

About Us

We guide students who plan to study abroad at top universities and place them at their best fit schools. We provide personal and tailored consulting services, no matter where you are.

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100% Students placed at target universities

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More than 40 School Clients

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More than 1,000 Essays Reviewed

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More than 50 Corporate Partners

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150+ Point SAT Score Improvement

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More than 1,500 Event Participants

Our Program

We offer end-to-end university prep programs: academic and extra-curricular planning, essay / resume writing, interview prep, test prep, internship placement, personal project mentoring and other university application requirements.

Admission Mentoring

  • Undergraduate Admission Mentoring

  • Graduate Admission Mentoring

  • University Transfer Admission Mentoring

Admission Mentoring

Personalized 1-on-1 mentoring service that will serve as a holistic academic and non-academic walk-through to help you get into your dream universities.

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Passion Project Mentoring Program

  • Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program

  • Scientific Research Mentoring Program

Passion Project Mentoring Program

Explore your true potential in business or research, uncover your true self, and be the person behind successful ventures and revolutionary inventions.

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Academic & Test Preparation

  • Academic Tutoring

  • IB Extended Essay Coaching

  • SAT Prep Class

Academic & Test Preparation

Build the academic foundation for your top university application success with our tried-and-tested method to boost your transcript and standardized test scores.

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Our Mentors

Our mentors are graduates from the world’s top universities with varied academic background and work experiences. We leverage off diverse voice to accomplish our common vision to empower you with requisite real-world skills and extensive network to achieve your dreams beyond college.

  • Devi

    BS/BSE, University of Pennsylvania

    M.S.Ed, University of Pennsylvania

    Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    A banker turned educator, Devi was an investment manager at ...
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  • Nicholas

    BS, University of Texas at Austin

    Ph.D, Purdue University

    Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    Nicholas or Nic is in charge of ALL-in's academic, product, ...
    Get to know Nicholas
  • Paul

    BA, UC Berkeley

    Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    Paul graduated with an English major at UC Berkeley and went...
    Get to know Paul
  • Sharon

    S.TP, Universitas Pelita Harapan

    MS, Taipei Medical University

    Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    As ALL-in’s experiential and career exploration progra...
    Get to know Sharon
  • Chiara

    BPsychSc (Hons), Deakin University

    BA, University of Melbourne

    Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    Chiara is in charge of whipping our mentee’s universit...
    Get to know Chiara
  • Kristian
    Tofan Purnama

    B.Sc, Corban University

    S.Pd, Universitas Pelita Harapan

    Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    Kristian is a program developer and a mentor at ALL-in, focu...
    Get to know Kristian
  • Andra

    Bachelor of Hotel Management, International College of Hotel Management

    Master of Human Resources Management, Murdoch University

    Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    Andra’s background in hotel management and HR manageme...
    Get to know Andra
  • Debora
    W. Paramitha

    B.Sc. Corban University

    S.Pd. Universitas Pelita Harapan

    MA. University College London


    Expert Mentor for Profile Building
    Anne is the Head of Mentorship, driving strategic planning, ...
    Get to know Debora
  • Steven

    S.T., Trisakti University

    M.T., Trisakti University

    Expert Tutor for IB & A-Level Academic Tutoring
    With 7 years experience as a private STEM (Mathematics, Phys...
    Get to know
  • Stefanus

    Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), JCU Singapore

    Masters of Professional Educational Psychology, Universitas Gajah Mada


    Top university Mentor
    Stefanus is a career psychologist. He has a strong interest ...
    Get to know Stefanus
  • Thalia

    S.H., Universitas Indonesia

    Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    Thalia, an ALL-in mentor with a background in corporate law,...
    Get to know Thalia


  • Allineduspace Testimony

    I knew ALL-in from my school and joined because ALL-in could help with my university application and act independently. I like that it is not affiliated with certain universities so I can be assured that they are guiding me to apply to my best-fit universities!

  • Allineduspace Testimony

    I like the program so much! It helps me understand better in class and my friends even like to gather at my desk and discuss Maths with me at school now!

    Nayla Muna

    Academic Tutoring

  • Allineduspace Testimony

    I decided to join ALL-in because I felt like I needed additional support in my university application. I specifically chose to get help from ALL-in because I wanted an objective perspective on my university to shortlist, and not one that could be influenced by university recruiting agencies. I also looked for a mentor figure that would guide me to achieve my fullest potential, and not provide me with all the answers out of the gate.

    Kenneth Sutedjo

    Purdue University → University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Allineduspace Testimony

    This program helped me in exploring career fields that I might interested in. Now, I know the feeling of being a scientist or a person who works in a lab.

    Kezia Lauren

    Science Research Immersion Program

  • Allineduspace Testimony

    I liked the very well-rounded services, mentors are young uni graduates, and that ALL-in had very many connections and events that students can attend. I was looking for a uni consultant with professional services but a comfortable environment and ALL-in ticked that box!

    Valencia Kandila

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