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We are so proud of our hardworking mentees for their achievements.
See the success stories of how our mentees manage their projects or land their seat in top universities!

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Valencia Kandilla

Admission Mentoring Neuroscience University of Pennsylvania Student

Valencia joined ALL-in when she was already in Grade 12 and already had a lot of activities on her plate in the beginning, but not much related to her interest in biology and neuroscience. She followed through with suggestions of things she needed to do such as joining more research competitions even though she already had school activities lined up in her final year.


Even though she has big interests in STEM, she already has stellar writing skills that helped her a lot in her application. Valencia always responds fast and sends her revised essays quickly when it comes the time for the application process. Her personal branding as an aspiring neurologist who is keen to combat dyslexia through digital media & photography shines through her essays. That landed her into 13 top universities, including UPenn, UCLA, King’s College London, and University of British Columbia and finally put her decision to University of Pennsylvania. She’s currently enjoying her first year as a Neuroscience student, which is something that she loves to do and we love her for that!

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Vincent Onggo

UVinci Grade 11 Series B Project (6-9 months)

With the pandemic happening, people are becoming more aware of the transmission of the viruses, including Vincent. He notes that one of the surfaces that have a high probability of spreading the virus that we touch most often is door handles. While it is common to just clean the door handles with disinfectant, it is very time consuming and can damage the door handles if exposed to harsh chemicals too often.


This inspires him with the idea to start creating UVinci, an automatic UV Door Handle Sanitizer to avoid bacteria and virus transmission that will be useful for everybody. When the device’s motion sensor detects movement, UV light is automatically shone towards the door handle to keep it germ-free. Want to help Vincent in this mission?

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Stanislas Alysha Wang

Film Producing University of South California

From dancing to swimming to filmmaking, our first impression of Alysha was that she is a very multi-talented person. Despite her busy schedule of dancing classes and swimming practices, she surprisingly excelled in her academic performance as well! When it comes to the time for the university application process, she was initially aiming for middle-ranked universities to learn about filmmaking. However, seeing her potential, we encouraged her to try to apply for USC even though she was very doubtful at first.


Alysha took the challenge and started preparing her application to USC. The School of Cinematic Arts has an earlier 1,5 months deadline than other schools in USC. For 2 months, Alysha wrote 6 essays (2 of which required 1000 words), a short video, screenwriting, and other short essays. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it has brought her to one of the most state-of-the-art film schools in Los Angeles!

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Darren Adrian, Dylan Lim, Rayandra Harun, Brandon Widodo

PS² Grade 10-12 Series B Project (6-9 months)

Despite Indonesia’s abundance of sunlight, solar energy hasn’t fully shone in this developing nation. Brandon, Darren, Dylan, and Rayandra saw this problem, and transformed it into a project of turning solar energy into a good help in our daily lives.


This led to the creation of PS2, with one promising solution in mind: a portable solar charger for smartphones and lamps. PS2 has conducted research on photovoltaic cells, potential model designs, and voltage regulation to generate the best overall cell brand. PS2’s optimism of making a change is unshakeable, given the fact that solar energy’s ultimate potential hasn’t gotten full attention here in Indonesia.

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Darren Lee

Political Economy University of California, Berkeley

Darren’s passion in political science and social issues shows from his participation in 7 extracurricular, 2 community services, 3 work experiences during high school including the Model United Nations, Student Council, also environmental and wildlife conservation communities. Despite his interests that look serious, he’s a fun person that loves to play drums and guitar, swim, run in marathons, and joke around with his peers.


Darren is a person who always grabs opportunities and is willing to carve his path to achieve his dreams by working harder than others. This spirit continues until the university admission period, where aimed for a scholarship if he wants to study in the US. All of his efforts paid off when he received the Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship and Koshland May Scholarship for UC Berkeley with around 0,2% acceptance rate! With these scholarships, Darren is able to study with full scholarship at UC Berkeley.

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Abian Susatyo

Solar Powered Automatic Dog Feeder Grade 11 Seed Project (0-3 months)

Most stray animals depend on humans for their life, including dogs. Abian, who currently lives in Oman, has seen many people that volunteer to feed stray dogs in the street there. That’s when he came up with an idea to make it more convenient for these people who have already done amazing initiatives. He’s currently working on a project to create an automatic dog feeder that dispenses food every couple of hours. This project has been going for less than three months, and the prototype for this device is currently in the making. He has already finished making the build and progressing on researching the circuit aspect now.

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Mellvin Chia

Pedal Power Bicycle Generator Grade 12 Series A Project (3-6 months)

There are two things that are going on in our lives: global warming and pandemic. People’s activities are restricted because of the on-going pandemic while global warming keeps on being something that people should also pay attention to. Mellvin realized this and started to make this bicycle project. This bicycle will not only help him stay fit during the pandemic, but the energy from pedaling the bike could also be converted to electrical energy. This project already solved 3 problems at once; keep people fit, produce clean energy, and power the gadgets in case a blackout occurs.


Currently, Mellvin has created an electricity-generating bicycle using a 12V alternator, 500W pure sine wave inverter, and a 12V battery. He planned to redesign the bicycle and do further research on how to see how many calories are burnt on the monitor on the bicycle.

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Ignacio Rayden Yap

Filtro Grade 9 Unicorn Project (9 months+)

In the beginning of the pandemic, the access to sanitary kits were very limited due to the act of mask-hoarding by irresponsible actors, and people that couldn’t afford it because a lot of them lost their jobs. Rayden realized this and began to develop Filtro to not only produce and sell custom masks, but also give back to the community and help to tackle the mask shortage problem in Indonesia.


Filtro is a business that produces and sells hand painted masks catered to the Indonesian youth who are conscious of sourcing, production, and environmental sustainability. 70% of the monthly profits are used to donate sanitary items consisting of Filtro’s hand-painted masks, soap, and hand sanitizer. Filtro has partnered with non-profit organizations to raise funds and participated in events to do his donations, and even had their marketing spread to Singapore. Until today, Filtro is still selling their products and continues to donate sanitary kits to people who need it. You can buy Filtro’s product through their Instagram and Tokopedia:

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Rashika Marpaung & Rachinta Marpaung

Columbia University - Rachinta Electrical Engineering Georgia Tech - Rashika Engineering

The twins joined the mentoring program quite early and still have more than a year to prepare their university application with ALL-in. With the same interests in engineering, it wasn’t hard for the mentors to explore that part of the topic for both of them. Both also have worked on their profile when we first met them, but the challenge was to step up their activities and create strong profiles that stand out without sabotaging one another.


Both Rashika and Rachinta are already great in terms of academic achievements, but Rashika has the difficulties in writing and reconfirming her interests and major at that time, while Rashika needed help in polishing her personal brand through non-academic activities. Through mentoring, we can see Rashika’s progress on getting more comfortable in writing and showing herself in university application essays and Rachinta stepping up her activities with higher commitment and helping her progressing in the personal brand she chose.


Their hard work, attitude, and excellent self-management paid off when it comes the time they receive their acceptance letters. Combined, both landed more than 10 top universities in the US and the UK, including Columbia University, UCLA, Carnegie-Mellon University, Purdue University, UIUC, UCL, King’s College London, and many more, and made their choice into Columbia University and Georgia Tech. They’re now enjoying their life as a first year student, and we hope the twins can continue pursuing their passions!

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Adristi Shira Nariswari

Admission Mentoring Barnard College

Shira was one of our mentees who has a very extraordinary profile. Prior to joining ALL-in, she already had a lot of debate experience, an internship in DPR, and some projects. To simplify, she had an outstanding CV. The problem for her was that she had difficulties in translating her amazing CV into writing.


Even though she joined us pretty late, almost near the application window, it is not a problem at all. This was because she was a fast learner and had a very high dedication to be able to get into top universities. As a result, she managed to land an acceptance letter from famous universities in the US. Most of them are UCs, which are very good universities.

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Nathasya Tiaraputri

Admission Mentoring Hong Kong University

Our first impression on Nathasya, our 2021 Admission Mentoring awardee, was ambitious,  a hard-working person, and not so much of a blank canvas. With strong academics and competition achievements in her hands, she knows that she is still lacking in her writing skills and wishes to improve them with ALL-in. After the initial consultation, we realised that she also needed to engage into more practical activities related to her interest in life sciences.


She then successfully established her own community, called Life Online to educate and inspire Indonesia’s children to learn more about life sciences, and also engaged herself in other passions such as theatre and volunteering. These activities surely helped the process of crafting her personal brand and align it with her intended major, biomedical engineering. Nathasya is a self-motivated person and also commited with the plans that she and her mentor made together, and that landed her to top universities in the UK and Asia.


Watch Nathasya’s application journey here

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Celine Novella Hidayat

Admission Mentoring UC Berkeley

Celine joined ALL-in quite early, so she had a handful of times to prepare for top uni application. Our very first impression was that she was a bright young mind with great grades and many impressive leadership qualities. She already did a couple of activities and internships which was a very good start for her university application.


Nevertheless, she still needed to do the extra mile to build up her experiences and polish her skills to communicate her profile through captivating writing. We believed in her, so did Celine in herself. Because of that, everything that we have prepared for her went smoothly. She successfully added up all activities and explorations nicely to the various goals that she had for her academic future. With a couple of last-minute revisions and a spoonful of unwavering spirit, she was successfully accepted into multiple top universities in the US.

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Btari Adhiesta Laksono

Admission Mentoring Dartmouth

When she first had her initial consultation, she was already on the right track as her profile and essay were basically ready. However, it is noticeable that Dhiesta lacked confidence in herself and needed to be more confident with her work.


Realizing that all Dhiesta needed were a support system, so the mentor then helped her gain confidence by providing a different perspective, as well as sharing their experiences and guidance in writing the application essay. Dhiesta were so eager and cooperative with her mentor so that she could not only make an essay that people would enjoy reading, but also stay on topic with the requirements of the universities. It was a nerve wracking moment when she decided to apply to Ivy League campuses, but in the end, she ended up getting accepted to both of them–Columbia and Dartmouth! We wish Dhiesta the best of luck on her journey as a Dartmouth student!

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