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6 Things that will Boost your University Profile in Year 12

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November 07, 2022

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Last year at high school and you're staring at your blank CV? Yikes! It's unfortunate, but many high school students face the exact same problem.

You're applying to all these schools and then realize that you don't have much to write about other than those mandatory high school classes. How can you boost your chances of getting in? Is it too late to do anything?

The answer is No!

Below, we have compiled a list of activities you can still do in your senior year.

1. Search for Volunteering Opportunities

One of the best ways to boost your CV is by helping out in your local community. Volunteering can range from providing assistance at your local pet shelter to being part of the operations team of a non-profit for disabled adults.

The best way to enjoy your time while giving back to society is by pursuing an opportunity where your heart lies. What social, economic, or societal issues are you passionate about?

For example, if you are going into the medical field, you should take the opportunity to work in a blood drive! Being surrounded by likeminded people in your field of interest is also an invaluable way to network.

Here are some links to volunteering opportunities in Jakarta or Indonesia in general:

2. Find a Part Time Job

Working at a Starbucks after school or at a local cake shop shows your grit and perseverance. It also teaches you a host of life lessons that you can then apply to your future educational and career-related endeavors.

There are many part time jobs that do not require you to be physically at the job site. Take remote freelancing for example. You get the opportunity to learn what it takes to work in the gig economy, new skills, and interact with people of all background while being paid for it!

3. Get Involved in a Research Projects

Contact local universities or research institutes in your area and ask them if they have any positions open for high school students.

You may even ask your teacher if they have any projects they are pursuing outside of school and ask if you can help or shadow them. Being close to your teachers inside, and perhaps outside of class by doing additional work, leaves a good impression which is needed when it is time for them to give you your predicted grades or recommendation letters when applying to university.

4. Start Your Personal Project

What do you find fascinating? What is something you have always wanted to pursue or create but just haven't had the time to?

Starting your personal project is never too late. Whether it be something considered “small” such as starting your art portfolio or the first chapter of your book, to create an app and a marketing scheme for it, personal projects can be exciting. They show your passion, your determination, and your ability to follow through with your plans.

This will look great for universities as they will see what you have pursued beyond grades and academics.

5. Mention Household or Family Duties

Extracurricular activities worth mentioning are not always what we imagine them to be.

Being part of your family's main source of income or being a caregiver is also included as an activity you do outside of school. This includes regularly babysitting your siblings while your parents are away working, or perhaps cooking and cleaning for the whole family.

Think of the additional duties you have other than being a student or a kid. What can you think of?

6. Turn your niche passion into an extracurricular activity!

Perhaps you have a quirky hobby that does not quite fit into what impresses academically.

Nevertheless, it is something you are genuinely interested and have a great passion for.

This could range from writing short stories in the corners of your notebooks or perhaps even gardening to supplement your rapacious desire to experiment with food. Your niche hobby could be what distinguishes you from all the other students working in professional environments.

For example, one of our students loved geckos! He eventually became a gecko breeder in Jakarta and is obsessed with the whole culture of trading geckos. From doing so, he learned business strategies, expanded his network, and most importantly, showed his individuality to future admissions officers.

What should I take from this?

Remember, if you are lost and confused, opportunities are a google search away! And it's even better if you have connections that can help introduce you to open positions in various industries.

Don't know where to start? Contact ALL-in Eduspace to know more about finding openings or landing a volunteering/internship opportunity. With our local expertise, we can help guide you through the whole process!