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Compelling College Application Portfolio Tips ?

3 Min Read
November 03, 2022

by: Saeka Minami Kalpika

When applying for top universities abroad, grades are not merely the only thing you need to pay attention to. How you do your activities in or out of school such as extracurriculars, community services, sports or arts, part-time jobs or internships, are also matters in your application. Explaining these activities into your portfolio shows your drive and passion, and soft skills such as leadership and time management that will add to your value in the admissions team's eyes. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are having your profile constructed into a strong portfolio! This article will tell you some tips you need to pay attention to during your college application portfolio.

Create Coherence

It will be better to show that you are focused and have your activities aligned with each other and if possible, match with the major you want to take later. Instead of putting many random activities in various fields, it's better to list down two to three activities with the same theme that you were dedicated to. This helps to show your growth and consistency to the field that you have interests in. For example, if you love science, you can take part in school science projects or competitions, and maybe add your community services act such as volunteering to be science tutor to younger children. Community service could also add to your portfolio, as the admissions officer who sees this will not think that it's not just a way to pad a college application, but to also show your desire to give back to the community.

Make It Unique

You need to make your portfolio stand out to be remembered. If you worked on a project, did an interesting internship, or committed to an unusual activity, include it in your application. Submit your additional material that points out your accomplishments if there's any. Make the activities sound as impressive as possible. Write down the skills and achievements that you acquired and what impact that you brought while doing them. It will also be a bonus point if the activities influenced your ambition for college. Be sure to display your talents in a way that people would love to know more.

Show Interests and Passion

Last but not the least, you really need to show that you are not just following your peers' activities or what your parents push you to do. You have to engage in activities that actually reflect your own passion. You are developing a distinct set of interests through your adolescence. Start building your portfolio effectively if you focus on finding your interests and passion from a young age! To explore it, you can engage in projects or immersion programs. You can join the Experiential Learning program from ALL-in Eduspace to explore your interests that could help you to find your dream career.

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