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Exploring Career Since Junior High School? Why Not!

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March 21, 2023

Hello, junior high school students.

What pops up in your mind when you think about your passion and interest? Deciding what kind of future career you want to have since junior high school might seem too early, but let us tell you why it's important!

As we often said before, to reflect and confirm an area of interest, first you must explore different fields and industries. And an accurate result of exploration needs effort and time, therefore starting early will give you enough time. 

An effective exploration doesn't only include studying, but also hands-on activities. Join the ones that allow you to experience real-life tasks on each career path!

What kind of hands-on activities are good for exploration?

We craft the activities format in ALL-in Online JuniorXplorer according to your needs of exploration! You will have interactive classes and Q&A, case-study based workshops, group discussion & projects, 1-on-1 consultation, industry talks, and many more! 

Click here to watch ALL-in Online JuniorXplorer video.

We also choose to collaborate with companies and professionals to give you more insight and experience from each field. As the cherry on top is the best part, you will be mentored by them to manage your project from the start! 

This way, the program is designed for you to discover the hard work that you truly enjoy doing!

Join ALL-in Online JuniorXplorer and discover your passion!


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Start your journey with us and explore your future! #TakeOnYourFuture #itsALLintheprep