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Gearing Up for 2021 Top University Preparation

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March 21, 2023

Hello, everyone! Welcome to 2021! 

So many things have happened in 2020 that affected the process of university preparation.

One of the biggest changes was the shift of in-person learning activities to online sessions. 

Certainly, it changed the overall dynamic of the process for the students who were exploring university majors and building their applications.

In the end, we also found ways to turn the table and kept the show going. 

Through lockdown, we stayed in touch with you and brewed discussions as well as interactive sessions to effectively prepare for university. From the self-exploration, university research, to profile building.  

So as for 2021, we made a special calendar for you to keep track of your university preparation!

The calendar is embedded with a monthly checkpoint that notifies you about the ideal aspect you can focus on at that time. 

If you are looking for a way to fill your agenda, you can also check our schedule of upcoming events! We have a lot of exciting events and programs you can join this year! 

We are looking forward to spending 2021 with you ???

#TakeOnTheFuture #itsALLINtheprep