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IGCSE Math Made Easy: Understanding the Subject and Syllabus for High School Students

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July 04, 2023

Mathematics is a universal language that helps us to understand the world around us. Cambridge IGCSE Math is a course that aims to develop your mathematical abilities and competencies, while also supporting your growth for your future career. Through this program, you will gain a strong foundation of mathematical knowledge and skills that will benefit you both in your academic and personal lives.

What is IGCSE Math?

As the subject of IGCSE international curriculum, IGCSE Math is a comprehensive program that is designed to prepare students for further academic studies in mathematics. The course is based on the Cambridge IGCSE Math syllabus and is recognized by schools and universities worldwide. It is a two-year program that covers a wide range of mathematical topics and aims to develop learners' problem-solving skills and logical thinking abilities. The IGCSE Math program is designed to help learners acquire a solid foundation in the subject, and provides them with the necessary skills to succeed in further academic studies and future careers.

Why Choose IGCSE Math?

The Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics course is designed to assist learners in enhancing their proficiency, self-assurance, and efficiency in utilizing mathematical methods and concepts. This international curriculum focuses on developing a sense of quantity, patterns, and relationships among learners. Moreover, the program also aims to strengthen their reasoning, analytical, and problem-solving abilities by exposing them to a variety of real-life and abstract situations.

The Cambridge IGCSE Math program aims to provide a solid foundation of mathematical knowledge to those who are studying mathematics at a higher level or require mathematics to support their skills in other subjects. The curriculum is categorized into different levels to enable all learners to excel and advance in their mathematical studies.

The syllabus

The Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics course is structured around four topics: number, algebra, shape and space, and probability and statistics.  

The order in which the content is taught is flexible, allowing teachers to plan lessons according to their student’s needs. The course is tiered, so all students can make progress and achieve their goals.

During the assessment, you are allowed to use calculators, but you must know when and how to use them, check your answers, and round correctly. The course also emphasizes the importance of communicating mathematically by using proper notation and structure to explain their reasoning.

Overall, IGCSE Mathematics aims to help you develop their competency, confidence, and fluency in mathematical techniques and understanding. You will also improve your problem-solving, analytical, and reasoning skills in both theoretical and practical situations.

Number  Algebra Shape and space Probability and statistics

Algebra and graphs 
Coordinate geometry

Vectors and

IGCSE math is a course that can take you into business or engineering in higher education. But, many students find it very hard to ace this course. Not only because it is challenging but also because they are struggling with the subject. If you feel like you are behind in IGCSE Math, you can join our mentoring program to get the perfect score.

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