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Letter of Recommendation: Why is It Important?

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October 27, 2022

A letter of recommendation is essential. It is filled with formal statements highlighting your strengths as a student and why you will succeed in your future studies. Moreover, you need this letter to show your unique value from the perspective of others. This is also called the academic letter of recommendation.

This piece of paper describes a student's academic achievements, character, and objectives. Teachers, guidance counselors, school officials, club organizers, and coaches have a wealth of information on students' talents. Furthermore, they are frequently the most qualified sources for writing academic letters of recommendation that indicate how a student would fit into a new university.

Academic letters of recommendation can help institutions better grasp who a student is and what they want to achieve by supplementing their transcript. In addition, it can also be used with a student's résumé and cover letter to help them stand out.

For students, there are two main letters of recommendation purpose. It is either for university admission or for a scholarship application.

To dive deeper into it, let's start with the letter of recommendation for the university.

Letter of Recommendation for University

What is it? 

A recommendation letter is a letter written by your high school teacher, or in some cases, guidance counselors, to describe you, your potential, as well as your personality. This gives admission officers a chance to know you holistically. 

While some activities, grades, and hobbies may be common among applications, recommendation letters make you stand out by highlighting your key characteristics as well as what you offer to the table that no one else can. 

Tips When Asking a University Letter of Recommendation 

Give your referee enough time. It's common for teachers to write recommendation letters, especially during the university application season. Help your teacher by providing them with information about yourself, such as volunteer experience. Remind your teacher to send your recommendation letter if it's yet to arrive.

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Aside from university admission, a recommendation letter can also help you get a scholarship. It is an integral part of the scholarship application process. Let's find out more about letters of recommendation for scholarships.

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship

What is it?

A letter of recommendation is a document that gives a referee who knows you well insight into yourself as a student and as a person. Therefore, this is the process where you show them that other people also acknowledge your strength.

Make a calculated decision about who you'll ask to be your referee. Your reference should explain why you are a good fit for the scholarship. In addition, they should have already known you for at least a year and should be in contact with you recently. They should keep in touch with you regularly so that they can speak well of your academic abilities, character, and community involvement.

Who Should You Ask to Write Your Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship?

Scholarship committees often do not look at recommendation letters from personal ties, although each scholarship has different requirements for a recommendation letter. As a result, a referee cannot be a family member, a partner, or a friend.

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Those are the main points you need to know about academic letters of recommendation. Therefore, building your CV is also essential for your letter of recommendation. Have you started preparing your resume?

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