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UNSW Sydney: Recommended University to Nurture Your Potential

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September 20, 2023

Are you a high school student looking for the perfect university to kick-start your future? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the right place that aligns with your interests and ambitions. Look no further than UNSW Sydney! As one of Australia's leading universities, UNSW is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and fostering an inclusive environment. Let’s find out more below!

UNSW Sydney

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is a well-known public university in Sydney that is famous for its research and education. It's considered one of the top 100 universities globally. At UNSW, there are about 59,000 students, and 7,000 of them are involved in research programs. 

The university has nine faculties offering more than 145 undergraduate and 286 postgraduate programs, along with diploma and foundation studies programs. Some of the more popular courses include Biomedical Sciences, Defense and Security, Law, Business and Economics, Contemporary Humanities, and Creative Arts.

UNSW is committed to providing a high-quality education across various fields. They have a large and diverse community of 2,838 academic staff and 3,390 professional staff members. With over 300,000 alumni from 130 different countries, UNSW graduates have gone on to successful careers as businesspeople, politicians, musicians, judges, pilots, activists, scientists, and environmentalists.

Admission Requirement

There are different entry requirements based on your chosen degree. One important factor is your previous academic performance, including your final high school exam results. This ensures that you have the right foundation to succeed in your chosen field of study.

For undergraduate programs (UG), you need to have completed a recognized qualification. This could be your secondary education credentials, diploma, or other post-secondary studies in higher education, or foundational studies.

For postgraduate programs (PG), you'll generally need to have finished an undergraduate degree at the university level. You can find more detailed information about the specific entry requirements for your desired degree on the official website.

Additionally, there are English language requirements. You'll need to provide evidence that your English language skills meet the necessary standards. You can do this by submitting the results of an acceptable English language exam taken within the last two years before starting at UNSW.


UNSW offers scholarships to students who show dedication to international friendship, tolerance, and understanding between different cultures. When awarding these scholarships, the university takes into account both the academic achievements and financial needs of the applicants.

The scholarships available at UNSW include:

  • The Angus-Leppan Family Scholarship

  • Hugh and Valerie Muir Scholarship

  • Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship

  • Emeritus Professor Ted and Dr. Adrienne Thompson Scholarship

  • The Emeritus Professor Al Willis Scholarship

These scholarships provide opportunities for deserving students to pursue their studies and contribute to a diverse and inclusive community at the university.

UNSW Sydney is the ideal destination for you. With its commitment to academic excellence, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and offering a diverse and inclusive community, UNSW provides an unparalleled learning experience.

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